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Founder's Column: How 3D Printing Saves Resources

Posted on February 04 2020

3D printed jewellery is the future of personalised fine jewellery. Direct precious metal 3D printing technology enables to create one of the kind designs, saves resources, is a big step forward to a zero waste industry and offers customers to have personalised jewellery instead of other items that are sold to everyone. Additive manufacturing processes (aka 3D printing) also guarantee the quality standards comparable to those obtained by using the traditional production technics, mean time and cost saving benefits, use fewer human resources and have almost irrelevant environmental impact. Firstly, 3D printing enables to minimize waste as everything can be produced on-demand and allows an almost 100% reuse rate of the non-consumed and non-contaminated metal powder used to print jewellery — the need to refine metals is reduced by a great extent. Material used for support structures is not contaminated and can be simply remelted and used for other purposes. Furthermore, the technology also allows to skip several process steps which were a must in the lost wax casting process as we will see our creation become a real metallic piece directly from the CAD/CAM design. The environmental impact is also reduced by skipping of many process steps which require higher consumption of electrical energy and other consumable materials.

Photo by Galina Deinega, KiRiVOO 3D printed jewellery, 2020.

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Photo: 3D printer by the Cloud Factory.