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A Recognized Sustainable Apparel & Jewellery

Our Awards

We're sincerely thankful for all of these awards and recognition that have made us very proud, happy and motivated to pursue our course of action in building a better apparel and lifestyle industry. Thank you for your support and showing to the world that our small business is making a positive change! 

1. 2020 European Enterprise Awards organized by EU Business News awarded KiRiVOO: BEST SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING BRAND - ESTONIA

2. In recognition of advancing social and environmental sustainability, KiRiVOO has been awarded with the GOOD BRAND AWARD badge 2020, by the Sublime Magazine.

3. The 3rd Annual Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2019 hosted proudly by LUXLife magazine has awarded KiRiVOOBEST SUSTAINABLE FASHION BRAND - NORTHERN EUROPE. The LUXLife magazine recognizes the challenges the fashion and lifestyle industries face and how they constantly evolve to meet their consumers’ needs whilst still maintaining beautiful creativity. 

4. 2019 Global Excellence Awards hosted proudly by LuxLife magazine has awarded KiRiVOO: BEST BOUTIQUE WOMEN'S CLOTHING BRAND - ESTONIA. The winner were chosen by the magazine's judging panel and research team who analysed each nominated business taking into account the products and services offered, the business reputation within their chosen industry and ultimately how it stands out against its competitors. The winners had to demonstrate expertise within their chosen field, as well as dedication to client satisfaction as well as an on-going commitment to excellence and innovation.

5. In recognition of advancing social and environmental sustainability, KiRiVOO was awarded with the GOOD BRAND AWARD badge 2019. The Sublime Good Brand Award was established in 2007 by Sublime founders Damian & Laura Santamaria to reward companies that don't do 'business as usual'. The award is given in recognition of our efforts to build a business based on a new economic model of social and environmental respect.