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A Recognized Sustainable Apparel Brand

Introducing: Who Make Our Clothes

We have launched a Caring Practices campaign that seeks to recognise the talents behind KiRiVOO’s production and aims to show you that clothing can be made in a better way. As an ethical slow fashion label we believe that one simple question #WhoMadeMyClothes gets people thinking differently about what they wear, and we have joined the Fashion Revolution to push the whole fashion industry become more transparent. 

We have worked hard to build reliable, long-term trustworthy relations with our partners and therefore, wish to recognize the progress they make. We also want them to take ownership of their work. We are also seeking to support transparency and sustainability in our industry. To do this, we promise to surprise each online customer with a personalised e-mail introducing our manufacturer(s). We believe that this is a beautiful initiative that will give greater appreciation of all the efforts made in producing KiRiVOO garments.

But this first a bit more about what happens behind the scenes in our production process:

It took us more than a year to learn, discover and source the right fabrics before the first samples were made, and this work continues. KiRiVOO clothing is made from eco-friendly and skin-friendly fabrics that are sourced from EU. Majority of KiRiVOO's products are made from GOTS certified organic textiles (organic cotton, organic silk, organic cotton blend fabrics) and OECO-TEX certified bamboo viscose that are carefully sourced from UK, Germany, France, Germany, Estonia, Italy and Netherlands.

KiRiVOO apparel is ethically manufactured in a safe, clean and organized environment, where all the skilled workers have the highest well being and are valued. As an exclusive slow fashion brand, we not only aim to deliver great quality apparel but also an excellent customer experience and relationship. We accomplish this by improving our products and services with the help of our customers.

We produce our ´ready to wear`, ´made to order` and ´custom made` items in the capital city of Estonia (Tallinn). We work  in-partnership with  boutique cut and sew businesses and with an independent seamstress artisan. We also work with an experienced garment development specialists and embroidery manufacturer. We are extremely thankful to all the highly experienced and talented people we work with who support KiRiVOO to produce fashion in the right way. 

See next: The list of our suppliers.