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KiRiVOO's Caring Practices campaign seeks to recognise the talents behind our production and demonstrate transparency. We're working hard to build reliable, long-term trustworthy relations with all our partners because we believe that greater transparency is essential for transforming the fashion industry for good.

As a sustainable fashion and jewellery label we believe that one simple question 'Who made my product?' puts consumers to think and appreciate all the hard work that skilled workers do in order to produce goods.

To do this, we promise to surprise each online customer with a personalised e-mail that introduces our manufacturing partner. We believe that this is a beautiful initiative that will give a greater appreciation to all the efforts made.


KiRiVOO products are made of eco-friendly materials that are mostly sourced from EU or Great Britain. Majority of KiRiVOO's garments are made from GOTS certified organic textiles (organic cottonorganic/peace silk, organic cotton blend fabrics) and OECO-TEX certified bamboo viscose. Read more from here.

All our products are ethically manufactured in a safe, clean and organized environment, where all the skilled workers have the highest well being and are valued. As an exclusive slow fashion brand, we not only aim to deliver great quality goods but also an excellent customer experience and relationship. We accomplish this by improving our products and services with the help of our customers.

We work  in-partnership with a cut and sew businesses, an independent seamstresses/artisans and an embroidery factory. We also work with an experienced garment developers, pattern makers and jewellery design specialists. We are extremely thankful to everyone in Estonia (Tallinn) who're helping us to produce KiRiVOO clothing in the right way.

Research & Development

It took us more than a year to learn, discover and source materials for our 1st mini collection that was born in 2016. That work continues. Every year we visit sustainable fabric expos or take part in the best sustainable sourcing shows to explore and learn. We're a Pro-member of Common Objective and Ethical Brands Directory, follow Fashion Revolution and Sustainable Angle. As well as, proudly dedicated to advancing UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


KiRiVOO jewellery is 100% genuine and on-demand manufactured using an additive manufacturing processes (direct metal 3D printer) that guarantee quality standards comparable to those obtained by using the traditional production technics. That means using less energy, saving water and other consumable materials (such as raw materials, rubber, crucibles and others) and having much lower impact on the environment.

For example, all the precious metals used (Silver, Gold) for manufacturing are 100% recycled and from controlled supply chain certified by Chain of Custody (COC) of the Responsible Jewellery Council (no C0000 0227, Legor Group SPA, Italy). As well as, the powder of the precious metals is produced using renewable energy sources and the production water goes through a filtering system (allowing it to be reused) reducing overall water consumption by 93%. 

In partnership with our collaborative venture, Cloud Factory, the minimum of 95% of the precious metal leftovers are always recycled in Estonia. The need to refine metals is reduced by a great extent, which allows an almost 100% reuse rate of the non-consumed and non-contaminated metal powder used to print jewellery. Material used for support structures is not contaminated and can be simply remelted and used for other purposes.


At KiRiVOO we believe in the sustainable unboxing experience which is why we're using only eco-friendly packaging solutions for shipping our goods. That enables us to save the Earth and reflect KiRiVOO brand's story the best.

Our products are sold inside a recyclable craft box or recyclable FSC certified box. Clothing boxes include an eco tissue paper (also FSC certified and recyclable). Jewellery boxes include a removable sustainable foam insert that is made from Tall oil – a by-product extracted from trees from the paper production. That means it's 100% free from crude oil, not made of plastic and has a much lower carbon footprint.

For communications, we're using recycled/recyclable paper and only digital printing technologies that help to save energy, produce less waste and has a smaller carbon footprint overall.

Jewellery boxes are shipped in our recyclable FSC certified craft paper envelope that has a honeycomb padding insert for protection.


See the full list of our suppliers here.