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Born to Care Since 2015

KiRiVOO is a sustainable apparel brand and retailer that believes in full transparency, that sharing is caring and aims to build a zero waste, a circular, business.

At KiRiVOO, we dream of a better world where fashion is always fairly made and has almost irrelevant environmental impact. Our vision is to preserve the health of our planet and enable consumers to live a beautiful and thoughtful lifestyle – buy and share all kinds of sustainable products that have the lowest environmental footprint, are safe, ethically and well made. We're proudly committed to fostering the change towards a sustainable fashion industry.

Our Commitments to Sustainability

The future depends on the sustainable work we do today - please see the list of our USP's and the sustainable business practises that we address:

We are a slow fashion brand. We create designer clothing and fine jewellery pieces that are timeless, personalised and made to last.

Our garments are made of certified eco-friendly fabrics. For example, organic cotton that requires significantly less water, is far less polluting, keeps an eye on humans and animals welfare, helps farmers feed their families and combats climate change. As well as, our precious metals are responsibly sourced and made of 100% recycled precious metals. All the jewellery items are 3D printed - that means time and cost saving benefits and almost irrelevant environmental impact

We help people understand better all of the efforts that go into making every garment by making products lifecycle and manufacturing information transparent and traceable. We link to our suppliers list under each product card. We follow ethical trade by making sure all our partners are treated fairly and with respect, and that they have a good working environment - read more about our Caring Practices Campaign that seeks to recognise the talents behind KiRiVOO’s production. 

We create designs with longevity in style and quality. Our garments are ethically handmade by professional seamstresses in a small, flexible high standard sewing environment, where we pay high cost price for every item produced. All our garments have beautiful inner seams and stitches as one responsible premium brand should have. Our jewellery is fully manufactured using precious metal 3D printer that guarantee quality standards comparable to those obtained by using the traditional production technics. Products are made in Estonia.

We produce on demand in an efficient yet highly personalised way and don't run end of season sale campaigns. We use recycled, reusable, FSC certified or natural craft paper for packaging and shipping our products. We try to reuse all our leftovers or donate and recycle the material that we can not use for manufacturing. We always try to minimize the amount of raw material is used for manufacturing or follow zero waste design guidelines to save the environment.

We teach consumers to live sustainably - buy less, choose well and make it last. We partner for improvement and sustainability - for example, we have joined the Fashion Revolution movement to educate people to think differently about what they wear and help to push the whole fashion industry to become more transparent. We have collaborated with Pure London, United Nations, Common ObjectiveEthical Brands Directory and Conscious Fashion Campaign to drive change towards a better fashion industry. Our Founder is sharing her views and promotes sustainable development at

We aim zero to landfill and take big steps towards a circular economy by making the sustainable clothing sharable. We are looking to launch our take back scheme and circular closet for renting customers. As well as, we use recycled, reusable or natural craft paper (that can be recycled) for packaging and other marketing materials.

We want to give back and combat climate change. We're minimising our ecological footprint by planting trees per every order.

We keep our products free from harmful chemicals that can hurt people's and animals health and nature. We don't recommend dry cleaning, which means all our products can be washed at home using natural cleaners.

We are an exclusive brand that offers sensible price range for quality items. We wish to make beautifully made items available for many conscious shoppers. 

Offsetting Emissions

Did you know that the textile industry produces 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually and this is more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined?

We've always wanted to build a business that gives back to nature, so, we’re planting 1 tree per every KiRiVOO product sold. That way we can reduce the ecological footprint of our business and make all our products climate positive as our goal is to become a carbon neutral company.

Tree planting can increase carbon capture, restore damaged and polluted land/air/water, revitalise species and provide social and economic benefits to local communities. Tree planting is helping us to achieve our firm's corporate social responsibility goals, offset our carbon footprint and save the environment.

KiRiVOO has planted 650 trees (updated 12/2023).

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