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Our Environmental & Social Policy


KiRiVOO, a sustainable apparel and jewellery brand, vision is to design and manufacture products with greater care and preserve the health of our planet, people and animals. KiRiVOO believes in full transparency and aims to become a circular, carbon neutral fashion business. KiRiVOO is on a mission to promote sustainable consumption, build one stop destination for all sorts of sustainable quality goods and to make ecologically made products more accessible.



    The policy covers the environmental and social dimensions of sustainable development and aims to embrace our collective responsibility to take care of the Earth and secure a sustainable future. The company recognises that taking environmental and social aspects into account is an essential part of better business and leads to sustainable development. The essence of the policy is to help our team members understand the company’s vision, targets and aspirations that are extremely needed for implementing all actions effectively and to succeed in fashion business sustainably.



    a) Transparency is an imporant measure for our business, and we require all our partners and suppliers to be transparent in their business.

    b) We only design and manufacture sustainable fashion (slow fashion, ethical fashion, eco fashion) and responsible 3D printed jewellery. 

    c) We only produce our fashion from certified eco-friendly materials (for example, organic cotton, organic peace silk, bamboo viscose, tencel, recycled) and require proof documentation from suppliers. We expect our personnel to dig hard and check before purchasing if suppliers documents are valid. As well as, do our best to buy materials that come with the TC (transaction certificate). We take extra care to protect the environment and use certified textiles (GOTS, ECOCERT, FWF, Standard 100 by OECO-TEX) that comply with the highest standards of ecology and sustainable development and do not consist harmful substances. As well as, source our 100% recycled precious metals from a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and use low impact additive manufacturing processes to ethically produce on-demand in Tallinn.

    d) We do not tolerate cheating and document plagiarism and immidiately stop collaborating if that kind of situation occurs. 

    e) We aim to follow the ETI Base Code that is an internationally recognised code of good labour practice. We continually visit and make sure that our partners are happy and follow the ETI Base Code: employment is freely chosen, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected, working conditions are safe and hygienic, child labour shall not be used, living wages are paid, working hours are not excessive, no discrimination is practised, regular employment is provided, no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed. Our garments are ethically manufactured in a clean, safe and organized environments in Tallinn, where all the skilled workers have the highest well-being and are valued.

    f) We only partner with ethical and responsible businesses that demonstrate a good will and actions taken towards a sustainable future.

    g) We expect our staff to follow the vision, sustainability objectives and targets. 

    h) We expect our staff, external contractors, suppliers to care and act for the benefit of society, economy and contribute to environmental causes. It is important because our company promotes sustainability practices internally and externally, and implements it at all levels within the workforce. We expect all employees to set a good example and share a qood word. 

    i) We do not tolerate illegal activities and do not work with people that have a criminal background. The people we work with must have strong sense of justice and fairness.



    The policy will be avalable for reading online at It will be reviewed and updated annually by analysing the company’s achievements and commitments taken towards a sustainable fashion industry. All imporant improvement will be announced with a blog post and through social media channels. 

    Updated in April 2022 by Ines Karu-Salo, Founder/Director at