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A Recognized Sustainable Apparel & Jewellery

Our Environmental & Social Policy


KiRiVOO is a sustainable apparel brand and retailer that believes in full transparency, that sharing is caring and aims for zero waste – a circular – business. At KiRiVOO, we dream of a better world where fashion is always fairly made and has almost irrelevant environmental impact. Our vision is to preserve the health of our planet and enable consumers to live a beautiful and sustainable lifestyle – buy and share thoughtful apparel that has the lowest environmental footprint, is safe, ethically and well made.

Our key sustainability objectives + targets are:

1. Make sustainable fashion more accessible to consumers by developing a D2C destination for buying and renting a wider range of our sustainable clothing with a take-back scheme.

2. Reduce the social and environmental impacts of our products by making sure that these are made in the right way from certified eco-friendly materials and manufactured under ethical conditions throughout the supply chain. As well as, work towards a zero to landfill business.

3. Push the whole fashion industry become fully transparent. Make sure all our partners are treated fairly and with respect. Help people learn and understand better all the efforts that go into making every garment by making products lifecycle and manufacturing information clear and traceable.

4. Glow as a responsible fashion firm, take care and act for the benefit of society, economy and contribute to environmental causes. Partner for successful sustainable development to help scale sustainability, combat climate change and teach consumers. Make the world a better place through socially responsible investing and charity.


    KiRiVOO Environmental and Social Policy covers the environmental and social dimensions of sustainable development and aim to embrace our collective responsibility to take care of the Earth and secure a sustainable future. The company recognises that taking environmental and social aspects into account is part of good business and leads to sustainable development. The essence of the policy is to help our team members understand the company’s sustainability vision, targets and aspirations that are extremely needed for implementing actions effectively and to succeed in fashion business sustainably.


    1. In accordance with the KiRiVOO mission statement, the company’s goal is to make sustainable fashion more accessible by building an international D2C shopping and renting destination for women, men and kids, and support global movements towards an eco-conscious, fully transparent and zero waste - circular and sharing - fashion industry. This is smt. that all our team member must know, believe in and want to work towards to.

    2. We only create sustainable fashion (slow fashion + ethical fashion + eco fashion + fair fashion) that is the umbrella that encompasses the environmental, social and ethical production and consumption of clothing. The sustainable fashion considers a complete lifespan of a garment from its initial design to end-of-life options and we expect our designers to understand it well. We take our work extremely thoughtfully and expect that from all our staff and partners.

    3. We only partner and collaborate with other organisations that demonstrate a good will and action taken towards a better future for the people and planet. We do not tolerate collaborating with unethical and irresponsible businesses.

      •  For example, we only source materials from eco-conscious suppliers. Such as certified fabrics (organic cotton, organic peace silk), recycled and other environmentally friendly materials. We take extra care to protect the environment and favor using certified textiles (GOTS, ECOCERT, FWF) and dyeing processes (Standard 100 by OECO-TEX) that comply with the highest standards of ecology and sustainable development and do not consist harmful substances. As well as, all our garments are ethically manufactured in a safe, clean and organized environment in Tallinn (where our brand is based), where all the skilled workers have the highest well-being and are valued.
      • For example, we source our precious metals from a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and use low impact additive manufacturing processes to ethically produce on-demand in Tallinn (where our brand is based).

    4. Our company aims to follow the ETI Base Code that is an internationally recognised code of good labour practice. Currently, as a fashion start-up, we outsource most of the work and can not directly influence the factory work but we take reasonable measurements to continually visit and make sure that our partners are respected, happy and follow the ETI Base Code: employment is freely chosen, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected, working conditions are safe and hygienic, child labour shall not be used, living wages are paid, working hours are not excessive, no discrimination is practised, regular employment is provided, no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

    5. It is extremely important for us to build good, transparent and long-term trustworthy relations with our employees and partners and wish to recognize the progress they make. For that reason, we strongly urge the people we work with to speak out and help us build the best co-operation possible. We require all our partners to be transparent in their business as that’s the only way how we can make sure that we are moving in the right direction of implementing our 3rd sustainability objective and targets. We do not tolerate lying and hiding important business-related information and documents of any kind. As well as, we do not tolerate document plagiarism and would immediately stop collaborating if that kind of situation occurred.

    6. We want our partners to take ownership of their work, so, we introduce them and the work done in a positive tone. This needs to be accepted by all our partners as we do not accept rude modesty. As we manufacture on-demand basis then we are willing to pay higher price for every item produced and open to reasonable negotiations because we do not want to put ourselves and our partners in unfair situations of any kind. We highly respect all our written and oral agreements and expect the same from our partners.

    7. We expect our staff to respect our aspirations towards a zero to landfill business and healthy environment, so, we kindly ask everyone to minimize the usage of plastic (always prefer recycled) and reuse as much as possible.

    8. We expect all our staff, external contractors, suppliers to care and act for the benefit of society, economy and contribute to environmental causes. It is important because our company promotes sustainability practices within the organisation, implements it at all levels within the workforce and communicates that outside to partner for improvement and sustainability. We expect all people to set a good example and fully respect these views related with driving the change towards a better fashion industry.

    9. It’s very important to our company to improve our business, daily activities, logistics, manufacturing, merchandising, marketing, packaging and shipping processes always favouring more eco-friendly solutions that enable our company to reduce our carbon footprint.

    10. We do not tolerate illegal activities and do not work with people that have a criminal background. The people we work with must have strong sense of justice and fairness.


    This policy will be reviewed and updated once per year after analysing the company’s commitments taken towards a sustainable fashion industry.

    Written in February 2020 by Ines Karu-Salo, CEFO at