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Introducing: Organic & Peace Silk

The invention of organically produced cruelty free silk has made a large impact on sustainable luxury market. But wht is organic silk is better than conventional silk?
Our organic/peace silk fabric meets high quality standards. Every production unit (spinning mill, dyeing factory, knitting mill, weaving mill and sewing) is GOTS certified, so, we promise that the highest standards of ecology and sustainable development are respected.

As a philosophy, we believe that humans should refrain from inflicting suffering on others, which is why we like to produce our garments from peace silk. Simply put, it means that silk worms can complete their life cycle and finally fly away as a beautiful butterfly. Increase in production of peace silk has seen increase in local pollination and resulted in return of many lost botanical species. 

Our Mulberry  silk is raised mostly indoor without using any chemical spray. Since cocoons are without impurities, need of using hard-metal chemicals related to killing germs or removing impurities are not required. Organic process also requires 1/4rd of the water for degumming compared to conventional silk. 
  • Bio-dynamic agriculture for the Mulberry trees
  • No appliance of pesticides. Do not contain any residues from artificial fertilizers or growth-enhancing substances
  • Manufacturing without heavy metal salts and harmful chemicals
  • Production meets the requirements for “controlled biological production/husbandry” (kbT)
  • Good social working conditions, no child labour, follows processes that lead to an improved local economic balance
  • Fair wages for the workers

As well as, the high-quality silkworm feed crucially improves the quality of the silk. 

We're proudly partnering with Cocccon, the world's largest producer of organic peace silk, and source only in stock fabrics. We don't produce new fabrics in order to save the environment from overproduction.