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Organic Silk

Our organic silk fabric meets high quality standards. Every production unit (spinning mill, dyeing factory, knitting mill, weaving mill and sewing) is GOTS certified, so, we promise that the highest standards of ecology and sustainable development are respected. That also means:
  • Bio-dynamic agriculture for the Mulberry trees
  • No appliance of pesticides
  • Manufacturing without heavy metal salts and harmful chemicals
  • Good social working conditions, no child labour, five-day week for the workers, which, in return, leads to an improved local economic balance
  • Fair wages for the workers

Why is organic silk is better than conventional silk?

  • The high-quality silkworm feed crucially improves the quality of the silk
  • Do not contain any residues from artificial fertilizers, pesticides or growth-enhancing substances
  • Production meets the requirements for “controlled biological production/husbandry” (kbT)