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Our Name & Pattern

The name and pattern of KiRiVOO have an ethnic roots. These are derived from the Estonian word kirivöö which means a pattern belt (the waist belt of the national costume). While a belt makes clothing fit better, the same can be said about KV brand - our goal is to help you feel well and look your best.

There are more than 200 different antique belts in Estonia and each one of them has a very special/unique pattern. The graphic designer Tarmo Tael gathered many images of those belts (Põlva and other county patterns) and cut out small fragments that could fit in / blend with the modern world and chic fashion. KV pattern has also inspired some of the KV apparel designs - for example, the double collar of KV Liisa shirt, decorative embroideries and jewellery collection

The shape of the KV pattern logo also symbolises the white-taled eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla), who is the largest protected bird in Estonia, where the brand was born in 2015. 

KV logo and pattern embody a delicate mixture of clean, contemporary and ethnic design, and the same can be said about our apparel that's all about unique simplicity.