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Introducing: Our Fabrics

Our garments are produced from certified organic cotton, organic peace silk, recycled fabrics, other environmentally friendly materials and stock leftovers from fabric manufacturers (limited edition pieces). We take extra care to protect the environment by using only certified textiles (GOTS, ECOCERT, FWF) and dyeing processes (Standard 100 by OECO-TEX) that comply with the highest standards of ecology and sustainable development and do not consist harmful substances. Plus our goal is zero to landfill, so, we prefer to manufacture our garments from materials that can be easily recycled (not blended fabrics) if possible.

The fabrics that we currently use:

  • 100% organic cotton and 93% organic cotton + 7% polyester blend;
  • 100% organic/peace silk and 95% organic/peace silk + 5% elastane;
  • 100% bamboo viscose and 93% bamboo viscose + 7% elastane;
  • 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton and 53% hemp+ 42% organic cotton + 5% elastane.

We also help pushing the whole fashion industry to become more transparent and link to our suppliers list under each product card. We aim to make our products lifecycle fully traceable.

    In general, the following fabrics are considered eco-friendly:

    • Organic materials: organic cotton, organic silk, organic wool, organic linen;
    • Peace silk aka cruelty free silk as the cocoons are gathered after the moth emerges;
    • Recycled materials: recycled polyester, recycled wool etc.;
    • Hemp is ecologically sound, renewable and needs little water. Still may need little or no chemicals;
    • Bamboo is quickly renewable. There are some concerns over the chemicals used in its processing, however less pesticides and fertilizers are used, and it is still a sustainable choice compared to most other fabrics;
    • Lyocell aka Tencel (a form of rayon which consists of cellulose fiber made from dissolving pulp (bleached wood pulp) using dry jet-wet spinning.

    Resources: Soil Association, ISCEthical Fashion Forum, EJF, Sustainable Angle.

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