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A Recognized Sustainable Apparel Brand

Responsibly Made & Personalised 3D Printed Ethical Silver Jewellery

KiRiVOO proudly presents our one of a kind silver jewellery collection THE GOOD HEART that is 100% genuine and on-demand manufactured using a direct precious metal 3D printing technology. 

Simple can be harder than complex but a delicate combination of both makes a design stand out. This jewellery collection embodies a mixture of Scandinavian simplicity, elegance and modernised ethnic details (such as the KiRiVOO pattern that plays an important role in the design).

Selected styles can be personalised by adding 3D initials. 

Doing good and being thoughtful to ensure that we preserve the health of our planet is a simple universal vision. For KiRiVOO, its more of a common sense that puts us take steps to reduce the social and environmental impact of our products and to make sure they are produced responsibly throughout the supply chain.

This collection is fully manufactured using an additive manufacturing processes (precious metal 3D printer) that guarantee quality standards comparable to those obtained by using the traditional production technics. That means time and cost saving benefits and almost irrelevant environmental impact:

(1) We are minimising waste as we produce on-demand and minimum of 95% of the precious metal leftovers are always recycled. The need to refine metals is reduced by a great extent, which allows an almost 100% reuse rate of the non-consumed and non-contaminated metal powder used to print jewellery. Material used for support structures is not contaminated and can be simply remelted and used for other purposes.

(2) The technology allows to skip several process steps which were “a must” in the lost wax casting process as we will see our creation become a real metallic piece directly from the CAD/CAM design.

(3) The environmental impact is also reduced by skipping of many process steps which require higher consumption of electrical energy and other consumable materials such as investment, rubber, crucibles, gas and others. 

All of the pieces are made of the Argentium sterling silver 925 that is ethically sourced from Italy. Since 2013 this company has been a certified member (00001020) of the Responsible Jewellery Council, testifying to its ethical credentials. All of our jewellery is ethically made at the Cloud Factory in Tallinn.

Sold in the FSC certified eco-friendly craft boxes (65x65x17mm) and the jewellery certificate is made of recycled paper. 

DESIGNERS: Kati Kask, Marek Jõeleht, Tarmo Tael
MATERIAL: Argentium sterling silver that includes at least 93% silver (with recycled silver) and 7% copper and other alloy elements (germanium). The silver is lead, cadmium and nickel free
WARRANTY: 1 year
MADE: Estonia (EU)

For CARE information, please click here.

Photos by Galina Deinega. MUA by Jana Boberg (JGB). Model: Ingrid Margus. Copyright protected by KiRiVOO