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Embracing the Sea's Beauty through Sustainable Artistry

Posted on May 23 2024

KiRiVOO's newest jewellery collection Sea Wonders mirrors the mystical elements of the Caribbean Sea, envisioned by the brand's creators and sisters Ines Karu-Salo and Kati Karu during their inspirational sailing journey. Each piece, from shell-shaped earrings to starfish pendants and rings, is crafted using innovative 3D printing technology, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and bringing the spirit of the sea to life

The collection not only enhances the wearer's style but also weaves a narrative of the deep sea's enchanting beauty and enigma. Each piece serves as a conduit to the underwater world, telling tales of the mysterious life beneath the waves through its thoughtful design and intricate craftsmanship. 

Sea Wonders
collection is more than just jewellery - it is also a testament to the possibilities of modern technology and sustainable practices coming together to create beauty without compromise. Each piece is an eco-conscious treasure, creating a compelling story that highlights both the beauty of the collection and its environmental benefits, allowing you to wear it as a symbol of love for our planet and its magnificent seas.

Made of recycled precious metals responsibly sourced from Italy

Each piece is crafted from recycled silver, demonstrating a pledge to reduce waste and reuse valuable resources. Further enhancing their appeal, these pieces can be plated with a layer of recycled gold, offering a touch of luxury while maintaining environmental integrity. This approach not only preserves natural resources but also supports the circular economy, where every element is repurposed and valued.

Our choice of making our jewellery from 100% recycled precious metals helps to minimise the impact on the environment and contribute to the global movement towards a cleaner, circular and responsible fashion industry. The recycled precious metals not only reduce waste but also reduce the need for mining new resources, conserving energy, and preserving ecosystems.

The role of 3D printing in sustainable jewellery making

The collection not only showcases our commitment to sustainable practices but also highlights the power of on-demand 3D printing in revolutionising the jewellery industry. The flexibility of 3D printing enables us to create standard and personalised jewellery pieces on demand, reducing the need for large inventories and decreasing the environmental impact of overproduction.

3D printing also reduces waste as a manufacturing method. As traditional methods often involve cutting away large portions of precious metals, then 3D printing precisely layers material only where it's needed. This method not only conserves materials but also allows for complex, intricate designs that would be difficult or impossible to achieve through conventional techniques. 

95% of the precious metal leftovers are always recycled

The need to refine metals is reduced by a great extent, which allows an almost 100% reuse rate of the non-consumed and non-contaminated metal powder used to print jewellery  in partnership with our professionals from Cloud Factory. The environmental impact is also reduced by skipping of many process steps which require higher consumption of electrical energy and other consumable materials.

Our new collection is a shining example of how sustainability and innovation can coexist to create beautiful, meaningful pieces. By embracing environmentally conscious materials and technologies, we continue to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion and jewellery. 

Designed and made in Estonia

All the pieces are made of Argentium sterling silver 925 and can be gold plated with 18K rose gold or 24K yellow gold (purity 99.9), plating bath at the concentration of 0.8 g/l of gold. 

Planting a tree per every product sold

We're supporting the movement towards a climate-positive economy and reduce the carbon footprint of our produce by planting a tree per every product sold. 

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Photos by Janelle Koel. Model & concept: Kati Karu. CD: Ines Karu-Salo.