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Golden Good Heart Collection Now Available

Posted on November 11 2020

Explore our timeless, effortless and responsibly produced silver jewellery 20+ styles that can be now gold plated and personalised with 3D initials.

KiRiVOO 24K yellow or 18K rose gold plated silver jewellery is 100% genuine, responsibly and on-demand manufactured in Estonia, using a direct precious metal 3D printing technology. The collection embodies a mixture of Scandinavian simplicity, elegance and modernised ethnic details.

3D printing technology guarantees quality standards comparable to those obtained by using the traditional production technics, means time and cost saving benefits and almost irrelevant environmental impact. To read further, please click here.

All the pieces are made of Argentium sterling silver 925 and can be gold plated with 18K rose gold or 24K yellow gold (purity 99.9), plating bath at the concentration of 0.8 g/l of gold. Material is sourced from Italy. Since 2013 this company has been a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, testifying to its ethical credentials.


Photo by Maksim Toome. Jewellery by KiRiVOO. Lashes by Lashweb. MUA by Aigi Vilepill. Models: Kati Karu (MJ Models), Anita Sibul

*** in Estonian:
KiRiVOO personaliseeritav, eetiliselt ja loodusäästlikult toodetud 3D prinditud hõbeehete kollektsioon, on nüüd saadaval ka ülekullatuna! Kõiki mudeleid on võimalik valida kas säravast kollasest või mahedalt roosast kullast. Tooted valmivad nõudluspõhiselt Tallinnas. Tee oma kallile eriline jõulukink, lisades ehtele 3D initsiaalid. Telli novembris kasutades koodi XMAS20 ja saad 20% soodustust!

Foto Maksim Toome. Ehted KiRiVOO. Ripsmed Lashweb. Meik Aigi Vilepill. Modell Kati Karu (MJ Models)