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KiRiVOO Joined the Fur Free Retailer Program

Posted on April 21 2021

Did you know that fur is not natural but highly chemical product? Fur trims contain formaldehyde and ethoxylates that can cause allergies, cancer and hormonal imbalance. As well as, heavy odour and pollution caused by fur farms have a negative impact on local nature, communities and tourism. 

As a sustainable fashion brand we deeply care about the well-being of people, animals and the environment. We manufacture apparel that's cruelty free, ethically made, safe and eco-conscious. We embrace our collective responsibility to take care of the Earth and secure a sustainable future, which is why we have commited to a fur-free policy and joined the list of Fur Free Retailers. :)

Fur Free Retailer is the world’s leading program that aims to encourage companies to go fur-free and further the spirit of ethical consumerism. Fur Free Retailer recognises the international ISO 26000 guidelines of corporate social responsibility.