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Available on Tallink Silja shuttles: Megastar & Baltic Queen

Posted on June 19 2023

We are very happy to announce that KiRiVOO has started a sales partnership with Tallink Silja shuttles Megastar and Baltic Queen. Tallink operates in the Baltic Sea area, Megastar on Helsinki - Tallinn route, and Baltic Queen on Stockholm - Tallinn route. 

We care that environmental responsibility is taken very seriously at Tallink. Tallink Silja is awarded with the Sustainable Travel Finland label as the first shipping company in the Baltic Sea. All Tallink Group’s vessels are awarded with the environmental certificate ISO 14001, which is the most known international environmental certificate model that helps companies to improve their level of protecting the environment and show their actions on responsibility. Read more from here.

"KiRiVOO jewellery caught our attention with its uniqueness and outstanding distinction in the jewellery world, while also carrying a vision of sustainability that's also very important to all of us at Tallink. We also like to introduce Estonian design and jewellery art, and encourage passengers to take a piece of Estonian uniqueness along with them!" said Eve PurgeHead of Business Development and Purchasing at Tallink Duty Free. 

"We're very grateful for this new partnership. Building a sustainable fashion industry requires working together and Tallink can take us another step closer to becoming an internationally known responsible jewellery brand and making sustainably made products more accessible, which has been our dream since the beginning in 2015. Thank you for helping our small business to grow - wishing us many happy customers!