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New Premium Fashion Brand KiRiVOO Recently Launched Its Online Store

Posted on January 23 2016

KiRiVOO is targeting women, who value good quality, like formal style, but at the same time wish to look chic and unique. For example, the first collection of shirts and ties is an appropriate choice for office workers and also perfect for formal events. 

KiRiVOO was established by a retail entrepreneur Ines Karu-Salo and an acclaimed fashion designer Teele Koel in 2015. They decided to create modern and smart fashion that distinguishes - KiRiVOO products have slightly ethnic or wild touch. The first collection is inspired by the national patterns and symbols of Estonia.

KiRiVOO products are manufactured in Estonia with consideration to the environmental and social impact. Therefore, KiRiVOO apparel is made from certified organic textiles or natural textiles.

KiRiVOO products are now available to purchase online.


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