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  • Daniel Habersatter, General Manager of Hilton Tallinn Park: "KiRiVOO apparel differentiates and enables to emphasize the uniqueness of Hilton hotel as well as Estonia. "KiRiVOO beautifully designed clothing and sustainable thinking strategy matches with the values of Hilton and we will proudly present KiRiVOO´s concept and elegant/comfortable apparel in our hotel. We are happy about the co-operation." See also the video testimonial:

  • Marje Remmet, Instructor of London Estonian Society Folk Dancers: "Special thanks to KiRiVOO, whose Estonian ties are now part of our costumes! The ties get noticed and attract people all the time!"

  • Triin Teramäe, Visionary Entrepreneur: "Environmentalist by mindset, I absolutely detest the waisting and resource exploiting fashion industry and this is also the reason why I like consciously created clothes and sustainable approach to the materials and to the way that the clothes are made. Exactly the reason why I am a devotee of Kirivoo-for its use of eco-friendly fabrics and quality materials that one could wear for many years not waisting resources with cheap and low quality throw-away clothes like so many brands unfortunately do. I also like the personal approach and possibility for tailor-made clothes that Kirivoo offers and I have been fortunate to experience. Bedsides I am delighted that Kirivoo so elegantly combines Estonian-Nordic patterns into its cosmopolitan, sophisticated, feminine handwriting. And with the dedication and professionalism the brand has been built up I see a great potential for many new markets and happy clients to appreciate and become fans of Kirivoo as I have become. Thank you so much Kirivoo!

  • Kaire Kalve, Logistics Manager: "Great service, superb products with style!"


  • Krista Suppi, Tour Guide: "Very lovely home fitting and delivery service made me happily surprised!"