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Silver chain necklace by JUVEEL (50)

€19 EUR

This item is only sold to our customers who buy KiRiVOO jewellery and need a silver chain necklace to match the collection. Please note that this item is not manufactured by KiRiVOO.

1. Responsibly designed and manufactured* in Estonia by JUVEEL (the company since 1923)

2. Material: 925 Sterling Silver. The silver includes 93% pure silver and 7% of an alloy elements (mainly containing copper). The silver is lead, cadmium and nickel free

3. Responsibly sourced silver from Italy (Better Silver S.p.A). The company has obtained the SA8000 certification standard that encourages organisations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace - no. IT17/0710 issued by SGS Italia Spa on 2017/09/07

4. The item can be gold plated with the 18K rose gold or 24K yellow gold (purity 99.9), plating bath at the concentration of 0.8 g/l of gold. Material is sourced from Italy (the supplier is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council)

5. Measurements: 0.04inches (1mm) wide, 19.68inches (50cm), 2.5g

6. Style nr. Juveel500, SKU 14084838/500

Why is this product better for the environment and people? 

Our apparel is timeless, healthy, made of certified eco-friendly fabrics and produced ethically on-demand. For example, organic cotton production requires significantly less water, is far less polluting, keeps an eye on humans and animals welfare, helps farmers feed their families and combats climate change. Please see the full list of our sustainability commitments here.

Our jewellery is made of responsibly sourced precious metals that are 100% recycled and ethically on-demand produced using an additive manufacturing process that saves resources (electricity, consumable materials) and reduces waste (the need for refine metals is reduced by a great extent, which allows an almost 100% reuse rate of the non-consumed and non-contaminated metal powder used to print jewellery). Read more.

We're also reducing the ecological footprint of our business by planting a tree per every KiRiVOO product sold and making our products climate positive. 

KiRiVOO plants a tree per every item sold to make all our products climate positive. We're giving back to nature by taking steps to become a carbon neutral business. 

One tree can absorb approximately 20KG CO2 per year or 2-6 tonnes during his lifetime. Read further.

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