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Meet Our New Designer - Kristiina

Posted on June 05 2017

Introducing our new Fashion Designer, Kristiina Jeromans, who has designed KiRiVOO´s new collection Apolline. Read the following interview to learn how did she get into fashion, what inspires her to design and much more. Click here to read it in Estonian. 

Kristiina is a 3rd year BA Fashion Design student in the Estonian Academy of Arts. Three of her collections have been selected for ERKI showcase that is a prestigious fashion project created to support talented emerging designers in Estonia. Kristiina has also collaborated with other fashion brands and prominent women (for example, the Singer Tanja Mihhailova) in Estonia.

1. How would you describe yourself as a Designer? As a person I am rather calm, down-to-earth and a perfectionist who likes things in order. Sometimes shy, but mostly cheerful. My creation reflects all of that. Design are feminine, sometimes charming, quite complex but always wearable. I also love and admire craftsmanship.

2. Where do you go for inspiration? Possibly old stories, history and nature inspire me the most. 

3. When and how did you get into fashion? Several amazing international fashion bloggers caught my eye when I was 14 and since then fashion has fascinated me. 

4. How much do trends influence your designs? Not at all if designing own author collections. In that case I somehow have an instinct or a hunch that drives me. But I do reasonably follow WGSN and other trend  pages when I design for a clothing brand. 

5. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement? In 2016 I did my internship in Vietnam for Xenia Joost that influenced and opened doors for me. We still have a successful collaboration. 

6. What motivated you to design for KiRiVOO? I like challenges and also the conscious mission that KiRiVOO believes in "to do fashion in the right way." I wanted to be part in it. 

7. What makes KiRiVOO Apolline collection special? Apolline is targeting a self-confident, classy, feminine and active woman. All the sustainable fabrics, cuts, multi-colours and embroidered details make the collection stand out and unique. It is perfect for the present day conscious woman who wishes to look good and feel well. 

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