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Lookbook: KiRiVOO Apolline

KiRiVOO Apolline collection is inspired by Estonia´s mystical art and nature which intrigues with beautiful colours and simple forms, always leaving something unnoticeable to the viewer. The word Apolline is derived from the mythological name Apollo, a Sun Goddess, who symbolizes a determined, self-conscious, strong and somewhat mystical character. The same can be said about the design of this collection which captivates with its simple and clean forms, yet with complex unique details inspired by the mystical plant Fern. The collection reflects a beautiful mix of modernity and distinctive elegance. Garments are made of timeless colours (natural white, beige, black and reds) and skin-friendly sustainable fabrics (bamboo, organic cotton and organic silk) that can be worn casually, for work or even when travelling. It is perfect for the present day conscious and active woman who wishes to look good and feel well. Design: KiRiVOO by Kristiina Jeromans