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Style Blogger Mimi´s Love Feature Interview of KiRiVOO

Posted on December 01 2016

A minimalist style blogger Mimi Alia, from La Mimi Collection, has featured KiRiVOO as her beloved brand and interviewed our managing founder Ines Karu-Salo. 

What inspired you to create “KiRiVOO”?
I had dreamt about building a fashion label for years before I actually arrived to start KiRiVOO in 2015. Before that I was fully focusing on building Mothercare franchise business in the Baltic States. In 2012 I felt it was the right time for me to start planning my next business adventure. I also knew that I wanted to use my previous experience, skills but go more deeply into fashion and build a business that can make a difference. As a person I have always wanted to do things better to make people happier. That drive has taken me where I am today. As well as, my entrepreneurial minded family, KiRiVOO fashion designer´s Teele Koel work, Estonian culture and new living environment in London have inspired me along the way.

What is your brand philosophy? 
KiRiVOO eco-conscious team believes that little things matter and want to do fashion in the right way. We are passionate about modern, chic/smart and timeless style that is slightly blended with ethnic/earthy details and ethically produced from natural, certified sustainable fabrics. KiRiVOO is a slow fashion label that offers the exclusivity and high-quality wear for affordable prices. We also minimize the waste by producing most of our garments `made to order` basis but at the same time do it fast and take care that all of our customers receive the best, personalized shopping experience. We are creating fashion for the future.

What is your favourite item from your latest collection and why? Riis dress, Rukis skirt and Liisa shirt are all very special to me – so comfortable, warm and soft, so, I hardly feel them when wearing.

What is your everyday “go to” style? Contemporary, chic and comfortable and I honestly prefer quality over quantity.

What can we expect from KiRiVOO in the future? More exclusive, smart and timeless style. KiRiVOO vision is to become a globally appreciated thoughtful style destination for women and men.

Thank you, Mimi, for featuring KiRiVOO in your stylish blog, published 29th of November 2016.