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New Launch! Leaf of Life Jewellery Collection

Posted on September 16 2021

We have amazing news to share with you. New timeless, effortless and low impact fine jewellery collection Leaf of Life has arrived! 

KiRiVOO fine jewellery is 100% genuine, responsibly and on-demand manufactured in Estonia, using a direct precious metal 3D printing technology. The collection embodies a mixture of Scandinavian simplicity, elegance, modernised ethnic details and the natural beauty of our Planet. 

What inspired the Leaf of Life collection?
As leaves play an important role in all our lives then we've taken time to notice that. Leaves contain water which is necessary for capturing sunlight and safely converting that light energy into glucose through photosynthesis, a process by which plants make their own food. Leaves also reduce water loss. Water, on the other hand, is the driving force of all nature. As well as, there is no life without flowers neither as the primary purpose of the flower is 'reproduction. 

We all dream about growing old beautifully, just like the leaves do - always full of light and colour. We also believe where flowers bloom, so does hope. Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful. Also water makes us feel free, well and gives us a boost. There is so much magic in this planet. That's what inspired us the most and how the new collection got its name. 

How it's made?
KiRiVOO jewellery is designed by Ines Karu-Salo (idea concept), Tarmo Tael (pattern), Kati Kask (visuals), Martin Rebane (3D models), Marek Jõeleht (3D printing specialist). 

All the pieces are made of Argentium sterling silver 925 and can be gold plated with 18K rose gold or 24K yellow gold (purity 99.9), plating bath at the concentration of 0.8 g/l of gold. Made in cooperation with the Cloud Factory in Tallinn, Estonia.

How so, low impact?
Precious metals
Responsibly sourced from Italy. Since 2013 this company has been a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, testifying to its ethical credentials. As well as, the silver includes recycled silver.

. We produce ethically on-demand, which means we don't hold large qualities. It's quick, flexible and all the items can be personalised (with initials or in selected cased with a logo). 2. 3D printing technology guarantees quality standards comparable to those obtained by using the traditional production technics, means time and cost saving benefits and almost irrelevant environmental impact. 3. We minimize waste as the minimum of 95% of the precious metal leftovers are always recycled. 4. The environmental impact is also reduced by skipping of many process steps which require higher consumption of electrical energy and other consumable materials. 

Sold in the FSC certified eco-friendly craft boxes (65x65x17mm) and the certificate is made of recycled paper. 

Timeless design
All the items are classy and can be work day-to-day, no matter the season. 

Carbon neutral
We’re planting tree(s) per order to minimize the carbon footprint of our business. We do it because we wish to support the movement towards a climate-neutral economy.

Doing good and being thoughtful to ensure that we preserve the health of our planet is a simple universal vision. For KiRiVOO, its more of a common sense that puts us take steps to reduce the social and environmental impact of our products and to make sure they are produced responsibly throughout the supply chain. Read more by clicking HERE.

KiRiVOO photos by Galina Deinega. Models: Ines Karu-Salo (Founder & Creative Director at KiRiVOO), Kati Karu (MJ Models) and Birgit Karu. Make-up by Birgit Karu aka Lashweb.

The new collection is available to buy online and in store at Krunnipea Disainipood in the Solarise Keskus, Tallinn - Estonia.