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Interview with Our Designer Liisi Tui

Posted on March 26 2019

The first showcase of Liisi Tui couture collection at Tallinn Fashion Week made fashion enthusiasts and professionals speechless. The fashion journalist, Kristina Herodes, has written that Liisi's design is fresh, interesting, crystallised and mature. We are very proud of Liisi and that she is also the designer behind our KiRiVOO SuSi collectionThe collection is now being exclusively sold in the TALLINNA KAUBAMAJA department store.  Click here to read the press release in Estonian. 

Liisi Tui herself has mentioned that she gets inspired by fine arts and the beauty of love, femininity and sustainable fashion. But KiRiVOO SuSi collection is inspired by the northern spirit and the colours of grey that accompany all of the seasons there. Grey shades can be found in the northern sky, sea, wood, soil, eyes, wind, quietness, emptiness and in the fur of the wild animals. The collection name SuSi refers to the queen of the northern woods, the grey wolf that is also the national animal of Estonia. SuSi wolf also symbolises a wisdom, power, pride and is always treated with respect. All of that has inspired us to create this magical collection, designed for the urban women who has not forgotten the genuine contact with the land and woods. Created for the present day women who are elegant, brave, conscious, and value timeless style, exclusivity, comfort and skin-friendly materials. The collection is made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo viscose, organic cotton/hemp blend fabrics. Decorated with a special embroidery details and ethically handmade in Estonia where the brand is based.

We are honoured to introduce you our newest designer. Read the interview below to learn a little bit more about Liisi Tui. 

1. How would you describe yourself as a Designer?
As a designer I am attracted by the thought of creating a dream and emotions, and how to put personal characteristics of people into a fine design.

2. When and how did you get into fashion?
I have been interested in arts and crafts since early childhood and also practised a woman nude drawing. The female body's nature and construction is the basis for my creation. 

3. Why did you join KiRiVOO?
I was motivated to work for a slow fashion label that uses sustainable fabrics for producing clothing. I was interested to practise creativity within an emerging and on demand manufacturing boutique company.

Photo: Tallinn Fashion Week, Erlend Staub. KiRiVOO SuSi collection, first presented in October 2019. 

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