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Available to shop at ERM - Estonian National Museum

Posted on May 03 2023

We are very proud to announce that KiRiVOO has started a sales partnership with a museum store in the Estonian National Museum (ERM). 

ERM is the most modern and ethnic museum in Estonia that was founded in 1909 on the initiative and with the support of the nation and with the task to protect and develop the history and culture of Estonia. The environment creates a cultural dialogue between the past and the future and functions as a contemporary cultural and tourist centre to show Estonian culture`s uniqueness and power of creation. 

Liina Kuzemtšenko, the Sales Manager has commented: "ERM values domestic brands, and the nature of KiRiVOO matches our values on many levels: its uniqueness, ethnicity and a green concept, which is also very important to us as a #green museum".

Thank you so much for choosing KiRiVOO to be ERM shop worthy and becoming our first jewellery reseller in Tartu! Just look how well our modern jewellery pieces with an ethnic twist look on that museum's display!