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Exclusive interview with KiRiVOO fashion designer

Posted on February 22 2016

We are happy to present the first interview with our fashion designer and co-founder Teele Koel. This interview is not going to repeat the things that have already been mentioned on the site, but will discover Teele´s point of view further, tell you what inspires her to create and how did she become a fashion designer. Click here to read it in Estonian.

How did you get into fashion?
I come from a little Estonian island called Saaremaa and I didn´t have big dreams when I was young. My mother put me in the art school, so, I could make my first experiments with fabrics. There I was introduced to a local fashion competition for students. I started to compete and win awards year after year, which motivated me to go on. That was my first hobby and is my big passion today.

Tell us what have influenced you when becoming a fashion designer?
In 2006 I discovered the largest annual fashion competition at that time in Estonia – SuperNoova. It was a must for me to see the shows because of the great designers and collections made by professionals, full of fantasies and surprises. All together the event was really inspiring and motivating for me. In 2007 I was chosen to take part in a competition for young designers – Future FIBIT. It was a big thing to me, because that was the first time when my collection was demonstrated by real models and on a big stage. But there have been many other prestigious competition that have helped me to move where I am today. As well as, the studies in EKA (Estonian Art Academy) have thought me a lot!

Where do you go for inspiration?
I get inspired by nature, culture and cool fabrics. Ideas can be anywhere, they just need to be seen and caught (Teele smiles).

How much do trends influence your designs?
I keep myself up to date, but like to create unique designs. 

How did you come to start your own brand?
I wanted to do things differently and saw the need for a brand that cares. I discovered that there is a growing market in the sustainable fashion industry as people are becoming more aware of healthier materials. I was also excited about starting to build awareness of sustainable materials, and wished to do my own thing. 

Can you tell us about the next KiRiVOO collection?
Our next collection will be launched before autumn and is wider, eye-catching and tempting.