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KiRiVOO for Business Uniforms

KiRiVOO for Business clothing enables your staff to look smart, feel comfortable and make an impact. 

Staff uniforms are great for branding, but at the same time make the business environment look professional. Still in many companies staff don´t like to wear a uniform as it causes discomfort, is made of unhealthy materials or just makes them look unattractive. Our aim is to manufacture comfortable clothing, avoid these issues and make a difference for the benefit of all! Click here to see statistics. 

Why wear KiRiVOO?

  • Look exclusive & classy. KiRiVOO is a premium fashion label, dedicated to create modern women apparel that distinguishes. Our products are classy, smart and have slight ethnic or earthy touch. For example, the first timeless collection of shirts and ties is inspired by the national patterns and symbols of Estonia.
  • Great quality and comfort. KiRiVOO products are manufactured in Estonia. Skin friendly and comfortable fabrics are bought from the sustainable fabric selling companies in Germany, UK, France and Switzerland.
  • Take social and environmental responsibility. By preferring KiRiVOO apparel you demonstrate that your company cares about human impact on the environment & it´s staff welfare. You help to make a difference in the world. Eco-conscious fashion brands like KiRiVOO think differently from conventional fashion brands (most fast fashion brands and many premium/luxury brands). They take extra actions to manufacture with consideration to the environmental and social impact – care about protecting our environment (nature, people, animals and health). You show that little things do matter.
  • Better fabrics. Feel well. Organic fabrics do not contain and are grown without the use harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms to save the environment and human health. Organic textile factories have safer/healthier working conditions, better treatment, keep an eye on animal welfare, and make additional investments to protect our nature. Other more sustainable fabrics: Hemp is easy-to-grow ecological crop, renewable, needs little water and no chemicals. Bamboo is renewable, naturally antibacterial and coming from very fast growing plant, but here are some concerns over the chemicals sometimes used in processing. Still its more sustainable choice compared to most other fabrics as less pesticides and fertilizers are used. Click here to see the colour range of fabrics. 
  • Timeless and unique design by awarded fashion designers Teele Koel, Kristiina Jeromans and Liisi Tui. 

We look forward to working with you. If you wish to see our product presentation, please contact